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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 26, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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[ indistinct conversations ] now that's more like it. welcome. i'm allen martin. police in richmond now want to know who stole a car this morning with a five-year-old girl inside. the girl did turn up safe a short time later. and the car was also found abandoned. but anne makovec in richmond with more on the investigation into who stole the car in the
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first place. >> reporter: that's right, that thief still has not been caught this morning, allen. if this is really the kind of story that makes parents shutter, but luckily for the family involved it was a happy ending. police are searching for fingerprints and clues to catch a car thief turned kidnapper in richmond. it started as a parent's worst nightmare. >> oh, my god. i don't want to think about it. it is scary. >> reporter: at this 76 station, a car thief took off in a cadillac with a 5-year-old girl strapped in the backseat, and the girl's dad was inside, pre-paying for gas. >> when he came out of the gas station or when he saw his car driving away, he realized what was going on immediately called 911. >> reporter: police say the car thief got on the highway and got off two exits lateer to get rid of the girl. about a half hour after the car was stolen, a woman found that little girl here on the corner of 41st street and roosevelt avenue and called police.
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>> she was doing fine. we had amr come and check her out and make sure she was okay. she was. >> then the car was found parked and locked, a few blocks from there, on 39th. >> they're always dumping cars, especially if there is a drug house on the corner, over there. you can tell, the little darlings are out of jail and they dump the cars in front of my joint. >> reporter: the good news in this case, everything of value is accounted for. >> this world is getting crazy. >> reporter: and the thief described only as a black man in a black hat who was initially riding in a white dodge caravan is still on the loose. >> it is scary. he is by himself in the car. >> reporter: good advice, it is in fact illegal to leave a child under the age of six in the car in the keys are in the case, which is the case and punishable by a $100 fine. >> bottom line, as they said, at least the girl is safe.
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anne makovec, richmond, thank you. also in the east bay this afternoon, a firefighter got hurt this morning when his truck rolled off an embankment in the hills above orindia and driving a pick-up truck on a fire trail when it happened and the truck rolled down 150 to 200 feet and fire crews say they were trapped in the truck and they had to cut him out and a chopper was on stand bito rush him to the hospital. not clear how serious the injuries are but the fire department says that the firefighter was doing trail maintenance at the time his truck rolled off. one man was killed, two others wounded in separate shootings early this morning in antioch. just after midnight, police found a 20-year-old man on ban onway with gunshot wounds. he was later pronounced dead. but about 30 minutes later, police got a call about shots fired at a 711 on hillcrest avenue. inside, they found 64-year-old clerk with wounds. in the arm and hip. they say the wounds are not life-threatening. a third case, a gunshot victim at a hospital told police he was shot while walking on ban
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onway and police try to determine if the incidents are related. we could have done better. that's what top police brass in oakland say about their response to riots following the johannes mehserle verdict. deputies chief eric brashear says communications breakdowns and logistical snafus hindered efforts and investigators admit the problems left riot police standing by as protesters set fires and looted shops. they say the collaboration by 15 bay area police agencies created an unprecedented logistical challenge. the dispute between ac transit and the drivers are resulting in more service disruptions and the drivers union is complaining about a contract imposed by management more than a week ago. and since then, many more drivers than usual have been calling in sick. a rate of nearly 200 a day. and rioters say they continue to feel caught in the middle of this thing. >> the key issue is this can't be over money. they need to figure out, okay, for the public's sake, maybe me
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need to postpone this for sick weeks or something like that and -- six months or something like that and see if the economy improves and then come back and talk. >> the two sides will be back in court on friday when a union asks a judge to restore the old contract until bining arbitration runs its -- binding arbitration runs its course. it is called one of the largest information leaks in u.s. military history. a whistle-blowing web site has published nearly 100,000 documents about the war in afghanistan. and joel brown on the information that critics say could put american lives at risk. >> the founder of the web site defended his decision to go public with over 90,000 classified documents, which he gave to journalists and posted online. >> it does appear to be evidence of war crimes in the material. >> reporter: it could be the biggest leak ever, of classified documents. most are reports from the field, and they reveal secret u.s. commando units had killed afghan civilians when targeting insurgent leaders and taliban fighters have used heat-seeking
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missiles to shoot down american aircraft. many of the documents also suggest pakistan spy agencies could be helping the taliban in afghanistan, in its war against u.s. and afghan forces. the white house officials note that most of these documents covered the period before president obama took office. but top aides here were furious over the web site's decision to make the information public. the national security advisor james jones called the leak a threat staying in a statement, it could put the lives of americans and our partners at risk. cbs news national security analyst juan zuroti expects the leak to fire up the debate over the war effort. >> there is a lot of anxiety about where we're going with the afghan strategy and questions what is going to happen in a year's time when we are set to begin withdrawal of troops. >> reporter: there could be more new information to come. the founder of the league says he has another 15,000 documents but its source asked not to publish those just yet. joel brown, cbs news, the white
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house. nato forces in afghanistan are conducting a massive search right now, for two missing u.s. sailors. and afghan leaders say that the two men left their base friday without notifying afghan security forces and the pentagon is not commenting on taliban claims that it killed one of the sailors in a gun fight and captured the other. the u.s. military released images of the sailors but is not releasing their names. a new voice in the fight over the future of marijuana. why san jose's former top cop is all for legalizing pot in california. he is out as head of bp. what is next for now former bp chief tony hayward. and if you didn't know any better, you probably would think it is the middle of winter. what is up with all of the cold weather? and when is it going to warm up. we will take a look at the bay area's cool forecast, in just a few moments. ,,,,,,,,
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seven bay area ministers are now back with the evangelical lutheran church. they were reinstated yesterday, after being barred as pastors because they were in same-sex relationships. they're among the first gay lutheran pastors to be reinstated to the clergy since the church changed its policy last year. that policy required gay members of the clergy, only gay members of the clergy, to be celibate. and san jose voters could decide whether to create the highest tax on medical marijuana in california. the city council is going to consider a ballot measure next month, that would tax cannabis 10%. meantime, former san jose police chief joe mcnamara is speaking out in favor of the plan to legalize recreational use of marijuana. that plan is known as prop 19. it is going to go before california voters in november. and mcnamara is a long-time research fellow at stanford
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hoover institution. he wrote one of the valid argues in favor of prop 19. he says current pot laws take time and resources away from law enforcement efforts to prevent more serious crimes. >> the fiscal problems alone indicate that we shouldn't be wasting scarce resources on crime that doesn't do very much harm. >> mcnamara says the war against marijuana has not been successful. and suggesting it is actually led to more violence and corruption. and the latest field poll by the way shows prop 19 is behind by a few percentage points. tony hayward is just about out as ceo of bp and a person familiar with the company situation made the announcement this morning and hayward is going to step down in october and bp will offer him a job with the company's joint venture in russia. and hayward has been the focus of criticism ever since the april explosion that killed 11
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workers and started the huge oil leak in the gulf of mexico. american bob dudley is now expected to step in as ceo. he currently is bp's managing director who replaced hayward as head of the company's oil leak response team back in june. now, as for the leak itself, efforts to permanently plug it back on track now that tropical storm bonnie has fizzled. and workers plan to reconnect a drill rig to the relief tunnel, and that will be used to pump in mud and cement to try to seal the well permanently. drilling could resume in the next few day, the cleanup effort also getting back on track and the coast guard says there are signs that concentrations of oil are getting smaller. some new data shows that the u.s. housing market is still kind of on shaky ground, you might say. sales of new homes jumped last month, nearly 24% to 330,000. and still the second weakest month on record though. and the revised numbers show may was the worst month since record-keeping started back in 1963. and the economists say the
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lackluster economy has buyers still worried about shopping for homes. well, you click it, and you feel safe. or you should, anyway. and what you could be doing in your car that makes your seatbelt ineffective. and we're seeing sunshine down in san jose. yes, plenty of sunshine down in the south bay. and also coming up we will take a look at the forecast around the bay area, and which bay area cities will see sunshine today and which may actually see a chance of thunderstorms. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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yesterday. the "plastiki" well, the boat made out of thousands of plastic bottles arrived in sidney, australia yesterday. they call it plastic. and it left san francisco in march. it is a four-month journey intended to spread the message, plastic is destroying our oceans and the 18-meter catamaran made from more than 12,000 recycled plastic bottles held to the by the way with glue made from cashew nuts and
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sugar. and i just found out there are great youtube videos that they have posted from their trip. >> don't look at me like you don't believe me. >> okay, go ahead, it is true. >> they have gone through some wild weather. >> you said four months on the open ocean? >> four months. >> yes. >> and now what happens to it? >> it gets recycled. >> oh, it gets recycled. i don't know. i hope so. >> hey, there is sun out there. somewhere. >> where? >> thank goodness there is some sun out there. it is cold. especially here in san francisco. and there we go. i know many of due live there, so you probably don't -- you don't live there, so you probably don't get a chance to enjoy the sunshine, but i know you you can see there is some sunshine in the bay area and looking out for the mount vaca cam and sunshine and well off in the distance, you can see some clouds, and some low clouds, and we will come just a little closer to home and here we are, san francisco, and in the financial district, and looking out at the transamerica building, and boy, still got a whole lot of clouds out there, and we're going to keep the clouds in the forecast, well into the afternoon. and here is a look at the
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planner. for your lunchtime. and we will talk about what will be going on weather-wise. you probably already figured it out. well inland. sunshine for many. but for the north bay, clouds in there with temperatures in the mid-70s and partly cloudy around the bay with temperatures in the upper 60s and cloudy and cool, with areas of fog for the coastline. and afternoon highs in the lower 80s, with sun and clouds north, east bay and south bay, we will reap more sunshine today. and partly cloudy conditions around the bay and temperatures to the upper 60s, and remaining cloudy and cool along the coastline with temperatures in the upper 50s. for tonight, drizzle, along the coastline, and then you will see the low clouds spreading into the bay and also well inland overnight tonight. and here is a look at the satellite, and this is what we are seeing. still got some low clouds well entrenched in the north bay and we're expecting more clouds there. and also why we are expecting something else. cooler temperatures. and that marine layer is well entrenched. low clouds blocking the sun out. and holds down temperatures. upper 50s in pacifica today as well as half moon bay and mid- 70s in sunnyvale and 75 degrees in san jose, and the lower 70s
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in union city and fremont and millipitas, and around the bay, lower 60s in richmond and 62 in berkeley and 64 in oakland and you cross the east bay hills, these temperatures are typically closer to the mid 80s today. mid-70s in walnut creek and danville. 74 in dublin and the lower 80s in antioch and also in brentwood. north bay, take a look at this, love this. nice contour map, the green where you're seeing the coolest conditions and as you move inland typically orange but today yellow, that's because we're cool and upper 60s in santa rosa. and 67 in novato and upper 60s in san rafael and kentville. and almost 10 degrees cooler than average today in san francisco. i mentioned the chance of showers and thunderstorms, lake tahoe, right now, the thunderstorms as well as yosemite and sunshine in fresno, and sacramento and reading at 100 degrees, and 65 in monterey, and 93 in ukia and 61 degrees in eureka. the seven-day forecast, plenty of sunshine expected today, and tomorrow, and wednesday, and it
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looks like ground hog day, doesn't it? look at the temperatures. they don't move. every day is the same. and a little warmer, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. and have a couple of my pix photos for you, lighthouse by jeff, taken in santa cruz. and this is my favorite, it reminds me of gone with the wind. and orange sunset by debbie white. taken in davis. isn't that beautiful? >> if you have a nice photo to show of, feel free to go to cbs 5 .com/connect and we will upload it and include in the weather forecast. back to you. >> just that easy. >> just that simple. >> thanks, have a great day. the state health department has issued a consumer alert for potentially contaminated hummus products and the products include pre-packaged hummus sandwiches and wraps by the raquel brand name, by the san francisco-based quan hop and company which vol tearlt recalled the d--- voluntarily recalled the products and the
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state samples have bacteria that can cause listeria and potentially meningitis and it is sold in supermarkets and natural food stores out west including our lovely california. well, thousands of people of course take road trips during the summer but there is a warning before you get in the car. dorothy tucker has a family who found out the hard way that seatbelts don't always protect you. >> i've got a phone call from rebecca, she was crying, and she was -- >> it is a phone call lisa goodner relives more often than we should like. >> she says i can't find sara and i said what do you mean she can't find sara and she said we were in an accident. >> sara was reclining in the passenger seat. rebecca was driving. the sisters were on the way home wearing their seatbelts when rebecca fell asleep and crashed into a tree. >> when the car began to spin, the seatbelt didn't hold sara in, and she was ejected actually out the back window of
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the hyundai. see how the seatbelt has contact across here? >> reporter: what they later learned stunned them. because sara's seat was in the recline position, her safety belt did not protect her. >> the seatbelt no longer is touching. >> you may not have known belts might not protect you when the seat is reclined but the government agencies have known that for more than 20 years and the national transportation safety board in 1988 wrote, the protection offered by a lap shoulder belt can be compromised if the user has the seat back reclined while the vehicle is in motion. but the national highway traffic safety administration declined to act. car manufacturers do put warnings in owner's manual, but the goodners who sued hyundai and won $1.8 million, are hoping automakers will do even more. they like to see warning signs posted inside the car, like these, for air bags. or the goodners would like to see the seatbelt somehow connected to the seat, so that
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when you recline, the belt moves with you. >> this is not good. this is scary. >> reporter: we told kim sh wineberg about the hazard and she thought about her own family's safety. >> the trips we took with our kids and somebody had a headache and didn't feel good, we laid them down and take a nap and it never occurred to me that i was endangering my child. >> and it has been almost three years and it still seems like yesterday. but yes, i don't want anyone to have to go through this. so whatever we can do to stop that, that is important to me. >> reporter: and dorothy reports, hundred die says it believes the accident was the drive -- hyundai says it believes the accident was the drivers fault and there is a report that almost every car on the road is deiveg defective and dangerous for allowing front passengers to recline their set. seven pounds of burger all in one sitting. the calories for lunch, for those brave enough to eat it.
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coming up tonight at five: not planning on having kids in the,,
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all right, coming up tonight at 5:00, here on cbs 5, not planning on ever having children? a new type of contraception that can permanently prevent pregnancy and a process that they say only takes 15 minutes. those stories and more coming
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up at 5:00 tonight. but finally, this afternoon, you are drawing a blank on what should we have for lunch? here is an idea. a seven-pound, 7,000-calorie hamburger. and a guy in texas successfully ate it over the weekend and a contest to celebrate a new burger joint. he finished everything but the bun on the el grande burger in less than an hour. he was the only one of dozens of those competitors to finish the whole thing. we got to get joey chestnut on that. >> dude, we can all share that. >> the whole newsroom could share it. >> back at 5:00. go have lunch. ,,,,,, [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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